Your Introduction to Feeding the Hungry Programs in Los Barriles

 Updated: December 27, 2021

Mission Statement

Since the current leaders took over the Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show in 2017, the mission of the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Programs is to support those in their community suffering from poverty and food insecurity by providing them with vouchers with which to purchase food and essential supplies.

IMPORTANT Recent Program Addition!

We have recently been asked if we would be willing to assist those that are currently affected by the COVID-19 virus.  We said “Yes”, provided we can raise the needed funds to buy the needed vouchers, and thanks to your generous donations, Feeding the Hungry has helped over 100 families since July 2021.

The way this program works is when we receive a notice that a person, or family, is affected by the virus, we call the family, or a contact person and ask them specific questions about their situation.  Once we have the information, we can immediately make a decision if we can help, and how many vouchers we can afford to provide.  We realize that this is a very limited help, but to the recipient it is very much appreciated.

When we started this program, we found out quickly that there are a number of families that are suffering severely because of the extent of the virus in the families.  The very first family we contacted was a young family consisting of a father, mother, 12-year-old son and a 7-month-old baby.  The father, mother, and son all had the virus.  Both parents were working to make ends meet, but since they contacted the virus, both could not work, so they had no income.  The next day we learned that the 7-month-old baby had been diagnosed with COVID and had been taken to a hospital and put on a ventilator. 

We have discovered a number of families where all in the members of the family have the virus, or have had the virus.  When the family’s wage earner(s) have the virus, the family loses their income until the wage earner can return to work.

Now  that the Delta and Omicron variants have reached our area of BCS,  it will most likely be quite some time until things get better in the Los Barriles area.  Because of the current COVID-19 conditions, we are committed to helping all those affected by the virus to the extent that we have the funds to do so.  If you want to help these people you can donate to the Feeding the Hungry by using one of the options listed below in the “How can I make donations to the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry programs?” near the bottom of this document.



In 2011 an initiative was started to provide essential supplies to the most impoverished people in the Los Barriles community.  The Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show was started to supplement this initiative and helped additional families in the community.  The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately necessitated the cancelling of the 2020 and 2021 spring fashion shows, and there is no promise that we'll hold a Fashion show in spring of 2022. 

We intend to continue the Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show when it is safe to do so.  We want to continue with the important mission of supporting the most impoverished people in our community. The one problem in the past has been that the Fashion Show never brought in enough money to help the neediest in our community for the entire year. 

To supplement that program the organizers of the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show have started a second program.  This program is called the Feeding the Hungry Family Sponsorship Program.  We identify people who would be willing to support a local family with a small commitment of just US $12.50 a week or $650 USD per year.

This Sponsorship Program will make a huge difference in the lives of a Los Barriles family and ensures they can receive a $250 peso Feeding the Hungry Voucher every week for the entire year. These vouchers can be redeemed by the families at Chapito's Mercado to purchase food, medicines or baby supplies.  This program is currently providing support for 31 families.

The Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Programs are run entirely by volunteers. Virtually every cent you give is spent on purchasing vouchers that are given directly to the families identified as the most impoverished in the Los Barriles Area.  The exception being when donations are made through the non-profit organization to receive a US tax deduction, there could be small PayPal and/or banking fees. This amount is very minimal.    

We need your support because no one in our community should go to bed hungry.

If you would like to make a real difference in the lives of the least fortunate in our community, please contact Ben & Harriet Purkey  or Gordon and Joy Blackie

Even a small donation from you makes a big difference to those in need. 

To sponsor one family, a donation of $650 will cover the cost of the vouchers for a year.  However, we will accept any monetary donation that you are willing to give.  

These donations can be given through the 501(c)(3) Leaders2Give account for a USA tax deduction to a nonprofit, or through the PayPal.Me account, or by cash.  Both accounts are explained more thoroughly later in this document.


How can I help with the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry programs?

  •     Tell your friends about the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry programs.
  •     Make a One Time Donation or make donations as often as you'd like!
  •     Support the Fashion Show - when it is safe for us to hold the event again.         
  •     Support the Feeding the Hungry 4WD Rock ’n Roll Fun Ride in 2022 (Covid shut downs allowing!)
  •     Send out an email to your friends, and include a link to this site.       
  •     Volunteer to help the programs in any way that is needed.  Volunteers are always appreciated in what they contribute to the programs.  Some examples are:

a.     Volunteer to help Chuy with the delivery of vouchers.    

b.     Volunteer to be a program/event photographer.

How much of the money received for the Feeding the Hungry Programs is spent on administration costs?

None!  All the money we receive is spent on purchasing vouchers that are given directly to the most impoverished people in the Los Barriles area.  The Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Programs are run entirely by volunteers.  No money is spent on salaries or expenses.  In certain cases, there may be very small PayPal fees and/or banking fees involved.  See below for more details. 

Why give vouchers not food? 

We are not “all knowing!”  No one knows better than the families receiving the vouchers what they need most.

Giving vouchers is a much more efficient method of helping those most in need. Bulk buying, dividing up, repackaging, and organizing the distributing boxes of food is a labor-intensive enterprise that is challenging to sustain in the long run.  The Feeding the Hungry programs are in this for the “long haul.”  We understand that some of those we help will not ever be able to get back on their own feet.

Charity with dignity

Receiving a voucher is a dignified way for a family to receive support, because it gives them the power to make the decisions about their greatest need at that point in time.

How many local families benefit from the Feeding the Hungry Programs?

Currently there are 31 local families in the sponsorship program, and 6-12 in the fashion show program.  The fashion show program is the one currently in need because of not having shows for the last 2 years.

What is the value of each voucher?

Currently the value of each voucher given is $250 pesos. (about US $13)                                                                                                                   

How do the vouchers get into the hands of those in need?

Every week Chuy Castro meets with those in the program, checks on their wellbeing, and distributes the vouchers.

Who is Chuy Castro?

Chuy Castro is a local boat captain who has lived in Los Barriles all his life and has a long history of involvement with those less fortunate in the Los Barriles community. Since 2011 he has been involved in ensuring that the most impoverished people in our community receive assistance with basic supplies. Because of his close involvement with the local community, Chuy is uniquely qualified to identify those most in need. When local people are struggling, they know that Chuy is the person to talk with. 

Chuy has the unique ability to be able to see when a family has got back on their feet and no longer need the voucher support.

 What is the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show?

This is the program that was the original method used to raise funds for feeding the Hungry.  The primary purpose of this activity is to put on the fashion show, but also to accept the needed small donations throughout the year.  A part of the money collected is used to cover the minor costs of the show, like printing, etc., and all of the remainder raised from the show is used to purchase food vouchers.

The organizers of the fashion show bring in fashion designers from the local area, and outside the area, to show off their fashions to the attendees who have purchased tickets for the event.  The designers bring some of their items to sell at the event as well.

The show is an event where designers and models and volunteers donate their time and effort to help the Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show in Los Barriles.  Local businesses and individuals donate money, or items for a raffle, and a silent auction during the fashion show. This is a beautiful example of a community coming together to support their neighbors that need it the most and having lots of fun in the process. The Fashion Show is organized by Ben & Harriet Purkey.

As stated earlier, the Fashion Show was cancelled in the spring of 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19.    We are as anxious as anyone to resume the shows in the spring of 2022, if possible.

What local businesses have supported the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show?

It's a long list, and our apologies if we missed any!  

Armando Malina’s Hardware Store, ASM Hurricane Shutters, ASM Windows & Doors, Autoservicio Relampago, Awesome Everything, Ayala Bakery, Bahia Real estate, Baja Awesome Beach Rides, Baja Awesome Horse Back Rides, Baja Awesome Activities Mix & Match, Baja Beach Boutique, Bay View Restaurant, Beans & Rice, Bloquera Gonzalez  (Jose Luis), Café Encinalito, Caleb’s Restaurant,  Can-Doo Quad Rentals, Carmen’s Place, Chapitos, Cielito Lindo Restaurant and Hotel Las Terrazas,  Colin Harival, Curios El Milagro, Delicias Vanessa, Dos Amigos, Dr. Mary, Dr. Toledo, East Cape Bicicleta, East Cape Casas & RV Resort, East Cape Clinic – Char Wenger, Energym Fitness Center, Fiber Tech, Edge of the Sea Gardens, Efren’s Restaurant – La Ribera, El Arco Ferreteria, El Gecko Restaurant, El Pirata Restaurant, El Toro y La Luna, Encinalitos, Exotikite Kiteboarding, Farmacia East Cape,  Group Tortugneros, Hacienda de Palmas, Healing Winds,  Hotel Pescadores, Joe’s Deli, Joe’s Pizzeria,  Juanito Llantara,  L B Property Services, LA Café & Galeria, La Casita Restaurant, La Costa – La Ribera,  La Terraza de German,  Las Terrazas Hotel,  Lazy Daze Beach Bar, Los Barriles Chocolate Shop,  Los Barriles Grill, Magic Space Massage, Modelorama, Ochoa’s Chicken, Pedro – Welder at goat farm, Piscis Restaurant, Providencia Restaurant – La Ribera, Quad Girl, Rancho Buena Vista, Re Launch Kite Bags,  Relampago (Mechanico), Road Runner Café, Rochin – Olachea, Ruth Rundquist Real Estate, Salon Blue,  Salon de Cortez, San Antonio Pizza, Sarah @ Yoga Garden, Smokey’s Cantina, Spa Vida, Supermercado Fayla, Sushito y Bar, Tapiceria Tena, Orduno Llanatara, Souvenir Shop across from Ice Cream Shop, Tio Pablo’s Restaurant, Valentine Construction, Vela Windsurf – Playa del Sol, Vista La Ribera, Willy’s, Wolfgang.


What is the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry 4WD Rock’n Roll Fun Ride?

The Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry 4WD Rock’n Roll Fun Ride is a chance to get out and enjoy the local arroyos and backcountry trails identifying many of your favorite Rock’n Roll artists and songs of the 60’s & 70’s along the way.  This fun ride is suitable for Quads, Side by Sides, Jeeps and Trail Bikes and was held in December of 2021.  Participants had so much fun, they are anxious for another one to take place.  The fees paid to enter the ride go to help fund the Feeding the Hungry Program, as well as the benefits from a 50-50 Raffle.  For more information and to ask when the next fun ride will take place, email Gordon and Joy Blackie


How can I make donations to the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry programs?

You can make a onetime donation, or you can give as often as you'd like!  You can give US dollars or Mexican pesos in the form of cash or check.  

If you would like to make a dollar donation and have a PayPal account, (no tax deductions) there is a “PayPal.Me” account to give easily.  The link is:  After clicking the link, click on "SEND".  On the next screen, choose the amount you'd like to send. There will be a minimal fee based on the amount you choose.   

For a US tax deductible 501(c)3 Nonprofit donation, see and follow the instructions for how to donate on that page.  (Please be sure to select Feeding the Hungry from their giving menu.)  Leaders2Give Inc., is a California registered nonprofit which assists other organizations in the Los Barriles area. Its mission is to inspire, teach & empower others to become leaders who possess the skills required to solve the problems facing society.  Feeding the Hungry has partnered with and local youth who, through hands on work within our program will help them develop as future leaders.

For cash donations (dollars or pesos), questions about the programs, or if you need help using the donation methods, email Ben & Harriet Purkey  or Gordon and Joy Blackie





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